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Beijing Shengda Weiye Bending Company was one of the few companies that has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in this industry. The main bending equipments are:
1)one 90-tons bending machine, which is used to bend aluminum materials that has more than 200 cross-sectional dimensions, as well as large units curtain wall profiles;
2)Two 35-tons bending machines, which are used to process aluminum profiles that have complicated cross-sectional dimensions, steel materials and hyperboloid;
3)Two 15-ton stretch forming machines, which are used to process aluminum profiles with common cross-sectional dimensions, steels with short-sectional dimension and aluminum profiles with line segment;
4)Two Roll Bending Machines, which are used to process insulation type of aluminum profiles;
5)Two push bending machines, which are used to process and correct workpieces; Correcting platform: correcting workpieces;
6)Processing capacity: critical surfaces, large cross-sectional aluminum curved arc.

As construction materials are becoming increasingly complex, the requirements for matching among various types of materials are becoming more restrictive. Our company introduces special equipment with large tonnage and high-precision fixtures to successfully develop high-quality fixture, which enables small deformations of the aluminum profiles (less than 2.0mm tolerance), flat surface, and wide application in each complex project.

 Clean and tidy finished products display area

1、 What is profiles bending?
Putting metals on the bending machines to draw parts with a variety of sizes.
2、  Bending principle
Our bending principle varies according to different materials’ elasticity limitation (including steel, aluminum, copper, etc.), tolerance, elongation, as well as the size of the parts, appropriately adding tension, which makes parts change position in neutral layer in the control process, in order to draw parts smoothly and flatly.
3、 Drawn Parts Category
By material: steel, aluminum, copper, and other plastic materials
By shapes: sections, pipes, rods, plates (up to a minimum 1mm of each sheet)
4、 Bending Accuracy
The deviation is up to 0.4mm, 0.1mm-0.5mm flatness and 0.5mm verticality
5、 Why do bending parts wrinkle? How to avoid this?
In the bending process, the outer diameter of the part will extend and the inner diameter will contract if the pressure is unequal. Small pressure makes parts wrinkle, while larger amounts of pressure makes them break.  Of course impurities in the material is another reason for materials to break. Before the bending process begins, materials must be fully analyzed to determine what is the proper pressure and supporting tooling, to avoid wrinkling or breaking parts. For more details, contact Beijing Shengda Weiye Section Curve-making Plant in 010-61525132.


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